Saturday, June 05, 2004

soros v. moon

Up on John Gorenfeld's web site, which is dedicated to blogging the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is a handy-dandy chart comparing George Soros to the good Rev. Quite informative. Honestly, considering the Cleland-style character assasination currently being done by the RNC and CNN against Soros, it's high time we started high-lighting the fact that so many Republican organizations are funded by Moon, and start asking why they take his money when he has declared himself to be the risen Messiah, and siad that Hitler was merely performing God's judgement against the Jews. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this guy is the anti-Christ if ever there was one.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Soldiers killed today in Iraq

An ambush killed 4 soldiers today after another IED went off near a convoy. WaPo has the story:

[There was little] information on the attack that killed four U.S. soldiers and wounded five others around midday in the eastern part of the capital. The deaths and injuries were attributed to an explosion from a powerful roadside bomb that destroyed the soldiers' vehicles while they were on patrol.

The attack on the edge of the Baghdad slum known as Sadr City, a stronghold of militiamen loyal to a radical Shiite Muslim cleric, came several hours after a U.S. Army patrol was fired upon Friday morning in the same general area.


The four deaths brought to 600 the number of American troops killed in action in Iraq since U.S. forces invaded in March last year, the Reuters news agency reported. In addition, 217 U.S. troops have died in noncombat incidents.

In another incident about 18 miles north of Baghdad, five persons were reported killed when a roadside bomb disabled their civilian vehicle and unknown assailants came up and fired into it. The five were reported to be foreigners, but their identities were not immediately known.

It will be interesting to see who was killed in that second attack. The NYTimes is still saying on their web site that 5 soldiers were killed today, presumably mixing up the victims in the two attacks. If these 5 had been aid workers, I'm sure their identities would have been reported: after all, how many times in the past have unidentified victims been killed that turned out to be aid workers? Think back to those contractors in Fallujah, who were not reported as mercs until several days after the event. I bet, but have no evidence, that these 5 were more mercs, and their identities are being withheld until the military can get it's story set. But that's just the musings of a crazy leftist, so take it as thou willt.

Late Update (6:16pm) - Apparently, it was five soldiers who were killed in the ambush. No word on why the confusion.

horribly late updates and such

A quick note to my loyal readership (I love you both).

I haven't been updating recently because I moved to Iowa (yes, that Iowa) to work for the progressive organization America Coming Together. It's a 527 org that's being funded primarily by George Soros, the world's most socially responsible billionaire. Finally, there is a leftist equivalent to the Club for Growth. I'm canvassing Democratic and Independant voters in the state, making sure they are going to the polls, and passing out request forms for absentee ballots. The idea is, that those Democrats and progressive voters who can't make it to the polls will have their voices heard by mailing in their votes instead of going themselves. The best part is, anyone can do this, and can vote any time in the 6 weeks before the election. The upshot is, I'm getting $10/hour to walk around in the beautiful Iowa sunshine, sign up voters to ditch Bush in November, and get nice and thin in the process. It's probably the best job I've ever had, and it's all for the best of causes. So, my only access to the internet is the local Kinkos, which is not even open 24 hours a day. So my updating is likely to be exceptionally spotty over the next few months, but I will be making the effort. And it looks like the news is not gonna let me down. George Tenet has resigned as head of the CIA, George Bush has retained a lwayer in the Plame case, and The Pope accepted a medal from Dubya even as he told Bush to normalize Iraq (i.e. end the occupation) as quickly as possible. Honestly, that last one kills me. All the terrible things this president has done, from killing tens of thousands in an unjust war to executing the innocent in Texas, and this Pope takes the opportunity to accept a fucking medal. It's a good thing I'm a Catholic in name only, or this stuff would make it hard for me to sleep at night.


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