Thursday, January 08, 2004

My First Real Post!

Common Wisdom has Dean in trouble for daring to suggest that Saddam's capture hasn't made any difference to our safety. After all, attacks on US soldiers are down, right?

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Iraq, Killing at least 9

NAYAMIYA, Iraq, Jan. 8 — An American Black Hawk helicopter crashed in this village near the restive town of Falluja today, killing all nine soldiers aboard, in the second lethal attack on a helicopter in less than a week.

The other lethal attack mentioned was a mortar-attack on US troops that killed one soldier, and wounded 33 others. An Iraqi civilian was also wounded. Either of these are enough to put down the notion that Saddam's capture has adversely affected the insurgency, but another news story made clear just how much danger he posed while in power.

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper:Since Gulf War, Nonconventional Weapons Never Got Past the Planning Stage.

BAGHDAD (...) A review of available evidence, including some not known to coalition investigators and some they have not made public, portrays a nonconventional arms establishment that was far less capable than U.S. analysts judged before the war. Leading figures in Iraqi science and industry, supported by observations on the ground, described factories and institutes that were thoroughly beaten down by 12 years of conflict, arms embargo and strangling economic sanctions. The remnants of Iraq's biological, chemical and missile infrastructures were riven by internal strife, bled by schemes for personal gain and handicapped by deceit up and down lines of command. The broad picture emerging from the investigation to date suggests that, whatever its desire, Iraq did not possess the wherewithal to build a forbidden armory on anything like the scale it had before the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

That's right, not only were there no actual WsMD to be found, not only were there no potential WsMD, there were not even WMD programs that went beyond doodling and graft. If Saddam's tortured, oppressed, and economically destroyed Iraq posed a threat to the US, then so do the execs in Hollywood who dream up ways to destroy major cities for our entertainment.

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